Free support for start ups


  • Have you made a brand new app or website?
  • Have you started a new blog or video blog?
  • Are your target customers a similar demographic to users of online dating sites?
  • Would you like some free advertising to help kick start your project?

If your project doesn’t compete with our business then may be we can help. We understand when you have a brand new product that getting initial users can be really difficult and expensive. Often traditional media such as print and radio have very poor sign up rates for an online technology. In addition, online advertising is a mine field of low lost / low quality or overpriced pay per click offerings.

If you have a great project that we also think has potential we can provide you with free advertising on our online dating network up to the value of $1,000.

Why are we helping?

We like to be disrupters in the industry, acting differently to the vast majority. If we provide you with something for free you may be inclined to tell others, blog about it and remember us when you have a world leading app or website. You may even come back to us for additional advert space or want to work on combining our technologies and services.

How to apply

We can offer our free start up support to around 12 companies per year and review each application. Simply use the contact form and share the following information:

  • Description of your start up
  • Your website / blog URL
  • How long you have been in business
  • Your current turnover
  • Your target market
  • Links to any press releases or industry articles
  • Any other information you feel is helpful

If you’re selected

If we offer you the free support we can discuss which of our dating networks would be most suitable and what type of devices should be targeted. We will set everything up for you and give you access to our tracking system so you can view the progress.