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Power Up: Top of search results

I guess you have heard of sponsored links on search engines that place companies at the top of results? Well, now you can do it with your profile. You can appear at the top of search results and get more visitors and more messages. Getting listed at the top is easy and can be done […]

Disposable emails are not welcome

Today we added filters to remove members using disposable email addresses or addresses that are mainly used by scammers / fakes. After running the script today it removed 940 accounts. We have no tolerance for members who wish to hide behind anonymous emails. Emails are never shared on the site but it’s very important to […]

Simplified privacy settings

As we move into greater communication with our members via regular newsletters we have simplified our privacy settings / options. There are now just 4 to select from: Website newsletter Website alerts Public profile Password details You can choose which ones you want on / off. We hope you keep them all on but understand […]

More regions defined in London

London UK was defined as a single region in the past within our city database. About 10 minutes ago we separated this into many new regions. This will give our members in the UK capital more detail of who is really close to them.  Over the coming months we will be doing the same with other […]

Language based chat rooms

The chat rooms on all sites now have different rooms based on the users language. As we move to opening the sites for multi-language we needed to seperate users so everyone understand each other and also to provide a more localised experience. When language and a country and one in the same, such as Turkish […]