Power Ups added to our network of dating sites

Power Ups are a brand new feature that has been added to all our Casual, General and Fetish sites. They offer members extra features in return for telling their friends about the site or sites. The concept is similar to in-app purchases but for no financial cost.

For example, if you tell 3 friends and they become active members you can turn on anonymous browsing. This lets members look at other people’s profiles without them being shown on the recent visitors list.

Different Power Ups have different point costs so you can save them up for more advanced features. For this first phase the Power Ups are:

  • Anonymous browsing
  • 50+ extra Scametics points
  • Longer private messages

As our casual, general and fetish brands are all 100% free dating websites it can be difficult for us to advertise as this is often cost prohibitive. Asking people to tell their friends without any incentive has also been a challenge in the past. With the addition of Power Ups we hope we can find a natural balance where telling friends gets you enhanced functionality. It may also give members a sense of achievement and status within our community of members.

Saucydates.com screenshot power ups

The screenshot above shows the desktop interface for Power Ups. Users can either use the URL and add to their own sites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube pages or they can use the automatic tool. There are two automatic options to post directly to Facebook or Twitter.

It’s also important to note that if you add a Power Up on one of our brands it will be automatically added to others. When you are a member of one brand we make it easy to access another and we wanted to keep the user experience consistent.

Triple brand

Members refer their friends to a dedicated landing site that has three of our leading brands on a single page. This has been done to offer choice, which in turn offers a higher signup conversion rate. Points are awarded no mater which brand friends decide to join. This triple brand site is also fully responsive to ensure desktop, tablet and mobile traffic converts well.

Online dating landing page design

Future Power Ups

Now the system is in place we can create new site features or enhanced site feastures on the Power Up platform. Some future ideas will include:

  • Removal of adverts
  • Profile search boosting
  • Special Emoji within live chat
  • Custom live chat stickers


If you’re an existing member then we hope you like this new idea orĀ if you new to our brands come and join us today.

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