Too many men to handle?

Female members on our casual adult dating network have too much attention. You may think that sounds like a nice problem to have but imagine what it’s like to have 100+ messages every day. It becomes a full time job replying to people and if you miss one day to have no chance to catch up and you end up missing important messages from your ideal matches.

The flip side is the men get frustrated that they don’t get replies.

female usage on dating sites

The solution

To solve this issues requires a multi-level approach. The first is to increase the number of female members so the attention from the men is diluted. The second is to stop men sending pointless messages (such as, “hi”, “wanna f**k’). The third is teaching the females to use the block settings to ensure the messages they get are more focused.

Progress so far

As you know, our adult dating site ( is free and has adverts to cover costs. I am now using the adverts shown to female members to explain about the site’s block settings. There are many types of blocks including:

  • Block people without pictures
  • Block people that are too old
  • Block people that are too young
  • Block people that are too far away
  • Block people that are the wrong gender
  • Block people that are offensive

I’m also using advert space to tell females to tell their friends and I want to thank everyone who has invited friends so far, this is a huge help for everyone.

I will be adding a feature to force men to write better opening messages in the coming weeks. For example, sending the same message to multi-people will no longer be possible as well as writing short / pointless messages.


The efforts so far have increased the female percentage from 5% to 12%. I don’t expect to reach 50% / 50% but it would be excellent to reach 25%. There is still a lot of work to be done but it is moving in the right direction.

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