Promote our dating sites and earn for each free sign up. As the majority of our dating brands are 100% free the sign up rates are some of the best in the industry.

Award finalist for idate 2016

Earn up to $0.25 per free sign up

$0.25 may seem small when other brands offer $100 per paid member. May be you have tried one of these programs before? Often their conversion from visit to sign up is low and sign up to paid member is even lower. The result is just a few cents per click. We have even tested leading brands that after 300 high quality visitors generated $0.00 in commission! . We pay when someone opens an free account and starts to use the site. Simple, clean and quick. Send us 10 genuine visitors from Facebook and we will turn them into money for you.

Our affiliate system is a finalist in the 2016 idate Awards for the best online dating affiliate program.

Sign up rates from tier 1 regions [UK US CA AU]

Traffic source Sign up rate EPC 76.47% $0.19 34.48% $0.09 62.50% $0.16 37.50% $0.09

You therefore don’t need a busy website to use our affiliate program. By telling your friends about us on Facebook would earn on average $0.09 per click through to our sites. If you own a blog or website, that’s even better.

Earn from multiple country sources

We can turn traffic into money from a huge range of countries. You may have traffic from Japan, Denmark, Sweden or India and have no way to convert it into sales. We can help. Our list of supported countries is too long to list!

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