Platform Dating Advertiser [PDA] provides precise targeting of your adverts within our own private network of online dating sites. Demographic targeting includes:

Age Race Income Gender Sexuality LocationInterests Time of day

In addition you can target device types and dating networks:

Mobile Desktop + tablet Casual dating General dating Fetish dating

Who uses it?

PDA is suitable for general and niche dating companies as well as those providing products or services to singles.

Our mission is to provide an advertising platform that makes a positive return on your investment and a long term relationship between our companies.

Straight forward pricing

PDA uses a Pay Per Click [PPC] pricing structure so you know exactly how much each visitor will cost. Bidding is also made very simple as each country has its own maximum  and minimum price.

Multiple clicks from a single user within 24 hours are free of charge offering complete peace of mind.

As the targeting is so precise you are not wasting clicks and budget on the wrong type of visitor

Powerful reporting

PDA creates real-time reports for each campaign providing a complete demographic breakdown of all clicks.

Discover which demographic groups click more often and compare absolute or network relative values. Relative reporting allows you to see if your advert is more appealing to different genders, ages, races, income brackets and more.

Use the insights to optimise your campaigns further and discover intelligence about your brand or service that you may not have considered before.


PDA has an incredibly clean and intuitive user interface as well as a modular approach to campaign building.

Modular design

For example, define a location component for three countries and use it for multiple campaigns. If you wish to expand to a new country you only need to add the new country to the existing component and all campaigns are updated automatically.

Automatic media detection

As you upload media for your campaigns, PDA will detect the dimensions and assign it to the right device type. Mobile adverts are automatically made fully responsive for optimum appearance.

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