The media sellers challenge

We will advertiser our dating products on your networks if you make a return on our investment.

Every week we have emails and calls from companies wanting us to spend money advertising with them. Some are good and some are not. So we have decided to set up the following challenge going forward. Our business is dating and attracting new people to our brands. Our business is not testing your advertising platform to see if it makes a return.

The challenge

You open a free account with our affiliate system and spend $1,000 of your own money promoting our landing page with the media we provide or if you think you can do better, feel free to create your own media.

After the $1,000 has been spent check the income generated within the affiliate system. If the income is $1,000 or more then get in touch and we will do business with you.

If the income generated is less than $1,000 then your advert platform is simply not good enough.

We will of course return to you any income generated as part of your trial.

Your reward

If you make a return for us we will:

  • Advertise with you every month with a spend between $1,000 to $10,000
  • We will list your company on this page to increase your brand within the dating sector

The details

Our brands are free so the sign up rates are very high. Our payable action is a user registering, logging in and sending a message. The users can only be from GB / CA / US / AU.

Companies we recommend

adwords-logoGoogle Adwords:

Targeting of adverts and low costs ensure a solid return. Their network doesn’t try to trick visitors into clicking and PPC ensures you know exactly what you’re getting. Highly recommended.