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New password reset tool

Passwords are a necessary evil. Forgetting them, remembering them, typing them. But without them it’s hard to control site access and protect your personal messages. You may or may not know that we operate lots of different sites that are also 100% FREE and you can switch between them with the SWITCH SITE menu within […]

New message system goes online

Back in August we introduced real-time private messages, allowing messages and live 1:1 chat to become the same system. This had a tremendous boost to read rates to a record high of 73% of sent messages are read. At this very moment there are over 195,000 active conversations over our network of sites. Part of […]

Winks added as new feature

Yesterday we added a new feature for the mobile version of our dating sites. You will now see a wink icon on a member’s profile page. Click it to send an instant message. This is perfect for mobile devices as typing introductory messages can be time consuming on the small screen. Winks are limited to […]

Behind the scenes work

Regular users of our dating sites will know that something new happens almost every week. This may be a new feature, an improvement or some bug fixes. In the past week we have been working on things that you don’t see. Even though you don’t see them, they are important to the site. So this […]