Messages get disposable picture attachments

Message system with pictures

We are really excited to say that our message system now let’s you send pictures to the person you are chatting with. No longer will you have to resort to email or give a person access to all of your private pictures.

More privacy

You can chat and swap pictures without ever leaving the site and more importantly without giving away any contact details to the other person such as your email address or details of another message system like Whatapp and KIK. If you like their picture and what they say you may never need to leave the site before meeting.

Scammer aware

Scammers want you to leave the site quickly so they can run their scam in a chat app or online message system. They do this as they know these system generally do a poor job at scammer detections and prevention. If someone says. , “send me your email address and I will send you some pictures”, you know this person is a scammer. If someone wants to send you a pic they can do it right away in our message system.

Disposable pictures

When you send a picture it lives our server for 24 hours and then it is removed automatically. There are two main reasons for this, the first is for your security. If you decide to swap intimate pictures and our servers suffered a data breach your data may have already been removed and any hacker would not have your pictures. However, if you do decide to send an intimate picture then don’t include your face for even more privacy. The second reason is for our benefit, we can reduce disk storage space considerably. Efficiency is very import to keeping your dating needs 100% free.

Smart technology

Mobile is the platform of choice for almost all our users so we are always considerate about your data usage and data plans. All picture that are uploaded are compressed and resized to be mobile friendly. In general, a picture will not exceed 30kb. If you open the same message again within 24 hours the browser is told to remember the picture so you will not have to download it a second time. Mobile phone cameras produce excellent images but often they can be upside down if you hold the phone the wrong way when you take the picture. Our upload system has the knowledge to rotate the image to the correct orientation.


Login today or open an account and start using the new picture messages. Have fun with it. Please leave any comments or feedback below.

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