New password reset tool

Passwords are a necessary evil. Forgetting them, remembering them, typing them. But without them it’s hard to control site access and protect your personal messages.

You may or may not know that we operate lots of different sites that are also 100% FREE and you can switch between them with the SWITCH SITE menu within any site or you can login to them manually.

Therefore you could have 5 user names and 5 passwords which are all different. You now have 5 times the password trouble!

Don’t worry, we have a new tool!

We have just added a brand new reset password command which you can access from the login page. Simply, press the reset button and all your passwords for all your accounts will be changed to one password automatically. You can then remember this new password or login and change it. BUT, if you do change it, you will have to do it for each site just incase you don’t want them all to be the same.

Password security

This new tool is part of an improvement to password security which is now using the latest encryption techniques. It’s important to remember that your password is more secure the more complex you make it. But we also appreciate that a complex password is not easy to type on a mobile phone.

Action items

You may want to take the time to reset your passwords with the new tool and then login to each site and change your password to something secure and rememberable.

Step by step guide

Follow this guide to reset your password and change it, the screen shots are for mobile but the process is the same for desktop.

Home page

Login button on home page

Step 1: Click the login button on the home page to access the login form.

Login form

Login form

Step 2: Click the reset password! link

Reset password

Reset password

Step 3: Enter either your username or email address. When you press reset password the system will send you an email with a link to the reset confirmation screen. Remember to check junk folders. You are sent an email to stop someone else trying to reset your password. The system will not confirm or deny that the member exists for privacy reasons.

New passwords created

New passwords created

Step 4: You can now remember the new password or login to each site and change it to something you can remember.

1 click login

We know that most members use the 1 click login system to access the sites. Just remember if you reset your password an OLD 1 click login email will not work. You will need a new one that is sent AFTER your reset (or changed) your password.

Final comment

Don’t use simple passwords such as: password, aaaa, 12345, qwerty etc. These are easy for people to guess and if you ever forget you passwords again just use the reset tool to get back into the site quickly.


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