Emoji added to live chat and messages

Emoji map

We are pleased to say after a bit of work and research the full set of emoji characters can now be used in the live chat rooms and within the private messages. There are also some custom emoji that will appear when you type certain words. Look out the custom ones, you may find them by accident when chatting (or by reading more of this article!).

How to access them

To use emoji within your chat or messages you ideally need to be using a smart phone. All modern iPhones and Android devices will work. Your keyboard will have a button to allow you to select the emoji of choice. If you are on a desktop then you can find websites that allow you to cut and paste emoji into your message. A great example is getemoji.com.


The chat and messages also support unicode which has some overlap with emoji. These are black and white (font like) symbols which you may like to use. A cut and paste site to get you started is www.copypastecharacter.com.  Unicode offers some very interesting options but don’t got too crazy or you may just end up annoying people and get blocked or even worse, kicked!

Help others

When chatting if someone asks about emoji then please help them. Many people are not used to using or finding them.

The Secret rude emoji

If you type any of the following in live chat (not private messages) you will trigger a secret emoji!

  • vibrator
  • ball gag
  • butt plug
  • condom

If someone asks for help to use these then tell them they should have subscribed to the newsletter!

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