Google mobile update finally kicks in

Over the past few months we saw very little impact as a result of the Google search update for mobile friendly sites. Then over the weekend it finally kicked in. And what an impact it has had. You can read our previous article which shows the top 20 searches for “adult dating” before the Google update.

The new top 20 search results for “adult dating”

# URL Change
1 +1
2 Apps: AYI Adult Dating NEW
3 -2
4 +2
6 +4
8 +3
10 NEW
11 NEW
12 NEW
13 NEW
14 NEW
15 NEW
16 NEW
17 NEW
18 NEW
19 NEW
20 NEW


As you can see the change is significant with only 5 of the original top 20 remaining in place and all other sites being new entires into the top 20 results. The other important change is the inclusion of apps within the results. The image below shows how apps are exposed within search results.

Google mobile friendly search

All 5 of the original sites that remain all passed the mobile friendly test. Some other sites which we have listed as NEW are subdomain variation of the original 20 ( > Sites that passed the mobile test but had low speeds also seems to be impacted.

What next?

If you’re a winner then the increase in traffic will of course be very welcome. However, the losers will now be forced to play catch up. The old days of making a low tech site and getting to the top seem to be over. Google is looking for quality content within a quality frame work on a quality server.

The change has to be good for the consumer and having an app to complement your web brand is now essential.

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