New search and location features

Following feedback from our major user survey we have improved the search and location features within our dating platform.

Additional search parameters

Interests: Member’s interests can now be searched. Depending on the brand the interests change. As an example, if you are search on our casual dating site [] you can now return results for people looking for friendship or a specific sexual interest.

Race: Obvious I guess? But you can narrow down your selection by race.

These two additional search options now allow members to perform very specific searches. For example, Bisexual black females within 50 miles who have a picture and are looking for a casual relationship. But remember, if you select an option that is too specific you may get zero results.

Enhanced search options

More accurate locations

In the past we took the GPS location provided by the device and selected the nearest city from our database and then overwrote the GPS location with that of the centre of the city. Sounds a bit complex! But in other words, if you were from New York, USA then everyone in New York was in the exact same location. But New York is a big city so now we do this:

We use the GPS location and find the nearest city. The city is then used for display purposes only but the GPS coordinates are stored for a more precise location. This allows you to find people within your area of New York, for example. However, if you watch a lot of TV like CSI, you will see once a week they find the baddie via triangulating their position. If someone (a baddie) made 3 online dating profiles in different locations and then visited your profile and recorded the distance they could work out your exact location. We don’t want that to happen so when we store the GPS data we approximate it to keep your exact location secure. Phew, glad that description is over. Here is a picture to explain!

GPS triangulate positon

In addition to the location data we added some more search options for distance. We added 2, 5 and 75 miles search radii. 2 and 5 for people who want to find really local members and 75 due to a survey we carried out on distance willing to travel we found that 75 miles was a pivotal distance that many people were willing to travel.


We hope these improvements will enhance your dating experience. We didn’t offer earnings income, height and body shape as additional search options. We may in the future when the overall database size is larger.

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