Technical updates for all the nerds like us

This week has been a lot more coding and you should start to notice some of the results of this work soon.

Login speed
As the number of members have grown the speed of the login had slowed. There are some technical reasons for this which I will spare you the details but this has been resolved. It was taking up to 16 seconds to login, it now takes about 1.5 seconds.

Login error message
An error message has been added to the login screen if the username or password are entered incorrectly. The message informs the user to recover their account details from the forgot password link. This simple addition should help at least 50 people per day who cannot remember their details.

Profile and site advice
There were two points raised during our last round of user feedback. The first was people wanted a site tour after they joined so they understood all the features. The second was that members wanted to see more complete profiles.

We combined both of these with a new advice email alert for all new members as of today. When someone joins a batch of alerts is created and are sent via email at set times but if the new members acts on the advice in advance of the message going out it is automatically cancelled. Advice messages include the following topics:

  • Confirming your account
  • Adding a profile description
  • Uploading a picture
  • Joining the live chat
  • Blocking other people
  • Telling a friend about the site

These alerts should have the benefit greater understanding of the sites functions, more people completing profiles and most importantly more repeat visitors.

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