Update on BT parental controls on UK dating traffic

A couple of weeks ago we reported on the automatic switch on of BT parental controls by default. This adjustment blocked every online dating website unless you actively removed the block. So what happened? Did it reduce the total amount of UK traffic on the BT network to our dating brands?


The chart shows the switch on in red (8th April 2015). You can see a clear drop in the number of sessions to Saucydates.com on the day of the switch on. A typical Wednesday sees in the order of 100 to 130 sessions from the BT network, this dropped to 69 sessions, making a reduction in the order of 40%. Initially we though that the block would limit further access but as you can see from the chart there was a steady increase back to normal levels. The traffic going forward may be a little lower but nothing to be overly concerned about.

If other ISPs follow suit dating traffic will be reduced but the resourcefulness of broadband customers to access their favourite dating sites seems to be the stronger force.

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