Dating for men with a smaller penis

The adult side of the internet is full of adverts for penis products making normal men feel that they need to improve the size of their penis to some unrealistic dimension. Did you know the average erect penis size is 5.5 inches? Did you know that to some women size doesn’t matter?

Platform Dating have broken the mould by launching a dating site for men below average size and women who prefer it that bit smaller.

Dating for a smaller penis size is built on our successful desktop and mobile platform and is 100% FREE like most of our brands. You can also be anonymous on any of our free platforms. The only personal information required is an email address so using a Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail address that doesn’t refer to your real name you can remain private. As our sites are free there is never a need to share credit card details which always require a postal address and real name. The final piece of the puzzle to anonymous dating is the ability to turn off all email alerts which you can do within our privacy menu.

So it you want to join a friendly environment where size really doesn’t matter then look no further than

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