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I guess you have heard of sponsored links on search engines that place companies at the top of results? Well, now you can do it with your profile. You can appear at the top of search results and get more visitors and more messages.

Getting listed at the top is easy and can be done via our Power Ups feature. All you need to do is get 7 friends to join any of our main brands and it’s yours to unlock.

How does it work?

When you login you are always shown at the top of search results but as soon as someone else logins in they will replace you. In other words the search results are ordered by latest online. The Top of Search Power Up keeps your position at number 1 for 7 days. If you login more than once a week you will always remain at the top. Only someone else with the same power up can replace you but you will just fall down one position.

You are only shown at the top for searches that are within the others users selected distance. This stops you getting lots of messages from people thousands of miles away, it keeps you visible to people near you.

Who should get this Power Up?

We recommend this Power Up for men as it will increase the number of messages you get and will place you in-front of the thousands of other men. Women can also use this power up but only do this if you’re happy with getting a lot of messages. We set this up on a female account to see what happened and she received over 300 messages within 24 hours!

Top of search in power ups


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