Changing your city

There are two methods of changing / setting your city, manual and automatic. Both methods select cities from the same database. There are a finite number of cities within this database, at present it’s about 250,000 cities. This means that every city and town in the world is NOT included. If yours is not included then you need to select the nearest major city to you. We track gaps in our database and add new sites a few times per year.

Manual city selection

Start by selecting your continent then country. The next two options are region and city. Hopefully the region will be obvious to you? Then you need to scroll through the cities and select yours or the closest. Remember that names may vary. Our cities are all listed in English and some may be worded differently. Here are some examples:

Cities with different names: In the UK there is a city officially called, Royal Leamington Spa. People who live there generally call it Leamington Spa. Our database has it listed as Leamington.

Cities with English names: Cologne and Köln are the same place, the former is the English spelling, the later, the German.

Automatic city selection

This option is the recommend method. Your computer or phone will need a GPS system. Press the button and accept the city. Even if this is not your city it will be the closest to you so you cannot do a better job with the manual method.