How to sign up

What do you need?

All you need to sign up and join our dating sites is your email address and a username of your choice.

No payments!

No credit card is required to join so do not worry that you will ever be charged for using our sites. At the time of writing there is only one exception which is

How to sign up

Our sites will have a login and join area. Make sure you are using the correct one! If you’re in doubt the login area will ask you for a password, where as the join area will not. You will be asked to enter your email address twice, this is done to prevent people entering the their address incorrectly. Your username can be anything you like but it cannot contain non-standard characters or spaces, therefore use the letters a to z and 0 to 9. If your username is taken then you will have to select an alternative. If your email address is in use this means you already have an account with the site or one of our other sites that shares the same database. It is impossible for someone else to be using your email address unless they have access to your computer and email accounts.

Your password

After you’ve successfully entered your details a password will be automatically created and sent to your email address you entered. If you entered a fake email address then the password will never arrived and you will not be able to login. An inactive account is automatically deleted after 48 hours. The email containing the password is sent in less than 1 second so by the time you open your email system it will be there! If you cannot see it in your inbox it could be due to the following:

  • The email is in your spam / junk folder, please check this first
  • Your email provider has deleted the email before it reached your inbox
  • You entered an invalid or incorrect email address

If your password doesn’t arrive then join again using another address, free email such as yahoo, gmail and hotmail have good delivery rates so consider using one of these.

Still no password

We cannot make an account for you manually as we need to ensure all accounts use a valid email address for security and legal reasons. It is your responsibility to ensure emails reach you so keep trying with alternative addresses. There are no exceptions to this rule no matter how many times you say please!

How to login

The password email includes all the details you need to login with your new account. It includes your username, password and a link to the site. We have seen some cases where people get the password and then try to use it on a site we don’t operate! So please use the link provided so there can be no mistakes! When you arrive on the site you need to find the login area. It will look similar to the join area you just used but will ask you for your username and password, it will not ask for an email address. Make sure you enter the correct details. Some users say their password doesn’t work but this is technically impossible. It can only be user error by typing in the wrong username and password or trying to use their email address as the username.

Login problems

If you enter the correct details and you see another login screen right away then there is a problem. There are two reasons for this.

Problem 1: Cookies

Our sites, like all others have to use a cookie to remember that you are logged in. If you have blocked cookies with your browser then you will not be able to use any of our sites. The fix is to unblock cookies, this can be complex to explain but at some stage, you, a friend or a security tool on your computer has adjusted the default settings. If you cannot get them back then install a new browser such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox and not mess about with any of the options or buttons!

Problem 2: You have been banned

Before you login some users will be banned by our security system. We cannot go into details but if this happens then there is nothing that can be done. You will not be able to use any of our sites. This only affects a small percentage of our members. To check if you’re banned you need use the forgot password option located in the login area. If the system reports that your email address cannot be found (and you have entered it correctly) then your account no longer exists.

When you login

You need to select your city and enter information about yourself and contact other members and start chatting. How you do this is really up to you. The only technical tip we suggest is that you change your automatically generated password to one of your own choice that is easy to remember. This is done from the settings menu.


Have fun with your 100% free dating account, remember to join as many of our sites as you wish and please tell your friends all about us. It is only with your help that membership grows which gives you more people to search and send free messages to. Enjoy!