How to upload a picture

There are two core areas related to uploading a picture to one of our dating sites. The first is what type of pictures we will accept, we have very strict rules for legal reasons. The second are technical points which may vary when you are using a phone or tablet.

What type of pictures do we allow on our dating sites

All our sites operate a very strict picture policy . Good quality images improve the overall user experience. Below are more examples of images that we reject on a daily basis.

These pictures WILL be rejected

  • You and your cat / dog (no one wants to see your pets)
  • You and your car / bike (our sites are not about showing your wealth)
  • You and any other object  (you think it’s cool, others think it sucks)
  • Your face but it’s too small (use the ZOOM button)
  • Your face but it’s upside down / sideways (rotate before upload)
  • Half of your face (use the SCROLL buttons)
  • Your face but it’s too close (use the ZOOM button)
  • Pictures that include your children (dating is for over 18s only)
  • Pictures that include guns (women will think you’re a nutcase!)
  • Pictures that include drugs (it’s illegal and you’re lucky the FBI don’t call)
  • Pictures that include nudity (too many legal reasons to list)
  • Anything else we don’t approve
Very simply, the picture has to be your face, that fits into the square box and doesn’t contain anything else!

Uploading pictures

If you use an old iphone or ipad (and some other devices) you will not be able to upload a profile picture. With older Apple products this is an “Apple” restriction as they block HTML based uploads, the INPUT type=FILE HTML tag is not permitted. The only work around is to use another computer to upload your picture then continue to use the site on your phone / tablet. Newer Apple products do not have this restriction.