E-Mail in use

Why is your email address in use?

When you try to join one of our dating sites you may see a message informing you that your email address is in use. This means that your email address has already been used on this site to create an account. It doesn’t mean that someone has used your email address without your knowledge, it means that you have joined in the past but forgotten!

Already have an account?

If you get the email in use warning then stop trying to register and use the forgot password option. By entering your email address our systems will send out your password to the same email address. You can then log back in.

Don’t recognize the site?

If you are 100% sure you never joined the site in the past then you will have joined one of our other sites that shares the same database. For example, we have a general dating database that is shared over many different brands. If you joined brand A and then try and sign up for brand B the site will consider that you already have a membership. The shared database system is explained within all of our sites terms and conditions when you joined.