Login blocked by cookies

If you do not have cookies enabled (switched on) then you will not be able to login to our dating sites. The typical behavior you see is:

  • You enter your username and password
  • It starts to log you in
  • You see the login screen again

If you have been banned then you will also see a similar pattern. See our article, Have  I been banned?

Switching your cookies back on is complex to explain as every browser is different and how you do this also changes with new releases of each browser. Most browsers have cookies on by default, if you have them off at some stage you will have messed about with the settings or another security tool on your computer has done this for you.

The simple fix

Install a new browser and don’t mess about with any options. For example, if you use Internet Explorer (which is rubbish BTW) then install Chrome or Safari.

The complex fix

Look in the settings and options within your browser and find the cookies ON / OFF options.