Have I been banned?

We banned 100s of people every day from our sites because they have broken the rules. Even though we clearly state them there are sill people who think that they don’t apply to them!

How to check you are banned

Every part of your account is removed so use the forgot password option which can be found on the login page. If you enter your email address (correctly) and it says that no account was found then you have been banned, removed or deleted.

Why did you get banned?

There are too many options to list but here are the top ones:

  • You uploaded a copyright picture
  • You uploaded a naked picture
  • You uploaded a picture of someone else
  • You are a scammer
  • Other members reported you
  • You broke one or more of the terms and conditions

How do you get un-banned?

You cannot be un-banned. Your account is gone and if our system detects you again you get banned automatically again. A ban is for life. NO EXCEPTIONS