How to get a date

Some times members of our dating sites complain that they could not get a date. Here are some guidelines to improve your chances.

You have to make an effort to get a date online, it’s no different from the real-world! Lazy people with a poor profile, no picture and short messages must try harder.

Profile pictures

You must have a profile picture, other members want to see who they are talking to. There are no excuses. If you say on your profile that you will send a picture via email then other members are just not going to be interested. Why would they give away their personal email address to a stranger? Upload your picture right away and don’t be shy!

Once you are ready to upload your picture then make sure it’s a good one. Some of the guys try to look cool but end up looking like a criminal! All you need to do is smile. Sticking your finger up makes you look like a “tool” and any female is going to be turned off. If you are male then we suggest you search for other males and see what your competition looks like, then do a better job.

Bios, profiles and tags

Don’t leave these empty. When someone visits your profile and they see no information about why would they bother to get back to you? They will think, this person is lazy, this person is boring, this person has nothing interesting to say. Write a few sentences about why someone should date you, be creative and original.

Sending messages

When you send another member a message then don’t cut and paste a standard message that you use for everyone. Write a message that gives the other person a reason to write back. Ask lots of questions!


Make the effort to impress . . . . . it’s really that simple!