Passwords and login

Passwords, usernames, logging in, logging out, whatever you need to know we will try and answer it here.

Free / low quality email accounts

Before email arrives in a spam / junk folder low quality providers can delete it to save their own server space. If you’re a user of a free email system and your password never arrives (inbox or junk) then it will have been deleted. All we can suggest you do is complain to the provider as the more people who do this the better and move to a different email provider such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc.

Password never arrived

When you join your password is sent instantly. There are no delays or queues and it never fails to send your password. So check your inbox and junk folders. If it’s not there then see the note for free / low quality email users, the same may have happened to you.

48 hour rule – deleted accounts

If you joined but did not login within 48 hours your account is automatically deleted. We do this to filter out people who entered fake or incorrect addresses.

How do I know if I have an account?

Visit the login page and select the ‘forgot password’ option. Enter your email address and the site will tell you if you have an account. If you have an account your current password will be sent to you, if you don’t it will tell you.

I used to be able to login and now I cannot

If you logged in and set up your profile and then your username and password stops working your account may have been deleted. Use the information in ‘How do I know if I have an account?’ to see if you still have an account. Accounts are deleted if other members have reported you. To reduce our exposure to scammers we have very strict rules about profiles, messages and pictures. Break them and your deleted so please use the site with the up-most respect.

Asking for your password again

Use the ‘forgot password’ option, please don’t email us asking for a password as we will not send it for security reasons.

Deleting an account

We have a page all about this. Don’t email us asking for your account to be deleted, you have to do this yourself.

Email alerts

You can opt-out of emails by logging into your account and selecting the privacy menu found in the settings. You can opt-out of whatever alerts you wish.